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Canine Influenza

January 31, 2018


It is time to protect our pets. This virus is not contagious to people. Almost all dogs exposed to this virus become infected and 80% of those infected will become sick. An effective vaccine is available that protects against both strains of the virus and requires two doses at 3-4-week intervals.

I can’t imagine a worse nightmare than having a large group of my patients boarding at our hospital over a holiday weekend and having an outbreak of Canine Influenza. It would be devastating to all! I have consulted with a respiratory disease expert at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University. He is strongly supportive of vaccinating all dogs that live a social life. If they go for grooming, boarding, visit dog parks, dog shows, agility competition, obedience classes, shelters, etc. It is time to be proactive and protect dogs that are at the highest risk levels.

As of February 1, 2018, Pierson Pet Hospital will require this vaccine for dogs to enter our hospital for grooming or boarding. Over time this will establish a “herd immunity” in this group of dogs and when there is an outbreak of the virus in our area, your pets will be protected.

We do not wish to place a burden on any of our clients, but our first and foremost responsibility is to be an advocate for your pets.

For our clients who own dogs that do not frequent areas where other dogs tend to frequently visit, the vaccine is also available upon your request. This may become a more urgent risk for these dogs in the warm weather months that allows for increased outdoor activity.

For more information please click this link: Canine Influenza

Thank you,

Dr. Pierson

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