4 Tips to Make Thanksgiving Safer for Your Pet

Thanksgiving festivities are centered on food, family, and friends. Your pet is part of your family, and you may want to include them in your celebrations. However, you should take precautions to ensure your pet is safe during the holiday feast. Our Pierson Pet Hospital team wants to help by offering tips to help make [...]

5 Steps for a Spooky and Pet-Safe Halloween

Candy, costumes, festive fall decor, and spooky fun—Halloween has everything you could ask for in a holiday. Whether you are out trick-or-treating with the little ones, or doling out tasty treats at the door, your pet may be subject to hidden dangers. The crowds, visitors, and a constantly ringing doorbell can cause your pet distress. [...]

Why Manners Matter: 5 Tips for Proper Puppy Socialization

Welcoming a new bundle of fur into your pack is an exciting time. Few things are cuter than new puppy snuggles and tail wags, but caring for your new family member requires ample time, patience, frequent walks, and multiple veterinary visits during the first year of their life. Similar to young children, puppies will be [...]

Countdown of Common Dog and Cat Zoonotic Disease Risks

Current public health events may have you wondering about zoonotic diseases (i.e., diseases that animals can pass to people). COVID-19 and monkeypox, for example, may have originated in wild animal species, but Americans have little risk of contracting these viruses from dogs, cats, or wildlife. However, each year, a few people in the U.S. do [...]

4 Parasitic Pet Diseases

Parasites commonly target pets, and can cause significant health issues for your pet. Our team at Pierson Pet Hospital wants to help by providing information about four common parasitic pet diseases, and suggestions for safeguarding your four-legged friend from these diseases. Parasitic pet disease #1: Heartworm disease Heartworm disease is spreading across the country, and [...]

When Sound Turns Scary: How to Manage Noise Aversion in Pets

Summer is the perfect time for cookouts, lazy days by the pool—and noise aversion? The term “noise aversion” describes an irrational response to loud noises, such as thunderstorms, fireworks, or construction. Roughly two-thirds of dogs are afflicted with noise aversion, although this condition often goes undiagnosed, largely because owners are not aware that this phobia [...]

Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy in Pets

Pets commonly injure their cranial cruciate ligament, and typically require surgical intervention to eliminate the joint instability. Our team at Premier Pet Hospital wants to help you understand tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO), so you will know what to expect if your pet is affected. Cranial cruciate ligament rupture in pets The femur and tibia [...]

6 Training Techniques to Prevent Problem Puppy Behaviors

Behavior problems can be an obstacle to bonding with your puppy, and addressing these issues early is the best way to ensure your new pet doesn’t develop bad habits. Our team at Pierson Pet Hospital wants to offer training techniques to help you prevent undesirable puppy conduct. #1: Supervise your puppy Puppies are inquisitive and [...]

Heartworm and Pets: Frequently Asked Questions

Parasites can be a sneaky threat to your pet’s health, and heartworms top the list of dangers. Heartworm transmission occurs via a mosquito bite, so all pets are at risk for infection, which can be serious and life-threatening. Thankfully, with a little help from your veterinarian, heartworm disease can be easily prevented. April is National [...]

Danger All Around: Household Pet Toxins

Pets are talented creatures—if trouble lurks, they’ll find it. Because of this, pet poisonings are a common event, so much so that the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center receives several hundred thousand calls each year. Pets are vulnerable to poisoning from many common items in and around your home, if you’re not aware of the [...]

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