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Playing It Safe: How to Prevent a Pet Emergency on July Fourth

July Fourth brings on the fun as you celebrate our nation’s independence with food, fireworks, and friends. As you enjoy the festivities, keep in mind the potential dangers your pet may face. To help you and your furry pal make the most of your July Fourth celebration, follow our Pierson Pet Hospital team’s safety tips. [...]

FAQs About Pets and Ticks

Researchers report that tick populations are increasing across Michigan, and warm weather means these parasites are more active. Our Pierson Pet Hospital team understands your concern when you find a tick on your pet, and we answer your frequently asked questions about ticks, and how they affect pets. Question: What ticks are found in Michigan? [...]

7 Fast Facts About Heartworm Disease and Prevention for Pets

Heartworm disease is a life-threatening but preventable condition that affects dogs and cats across the United States. Despite increased awareness about the disease and better access to safe and effective prevention, heartworm infection rates in pets continue to climb.   The Pierson Pet Hospital team is dedicated to client education and empowerment. We believe that the [...]

Protect Your Pet From 4 Common Pet Toxins

Nothing can make you feel worse than witnessing your pet ingest something they shouldn’t, and panicking as you try to determine if the substance is toxic. To prevent your pet from being poisoned, the more you know about household toxins, the better. In honor of Pet Poison Prevention Month, our Pierson Pet Hospital team is [...]

Brush Up On Pet Dental Care During Pet Dental Health Month

Dental health plays an important role in your pet’s general wellbeing, but many well-meaning pet owners overlook this essential component of their pet’s health. The majority of the pet population suffers some dental disease by age 3. Left untreated, dental disease can lead to serious problems but, fortunately, it’s almost entirely preventable. That’s why our [...]

New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Pet

The New Year is the perfect time for reflection, intentions, and setting realistic goals. To help maintain and reach your goals, this year, set New Year’s resolutions that you and your pet can work toward together. This win-win for you and your pet can help you both lead happier healthier lives. Our Pierson Pet Hospital [...]

A Holiday Pet Safety Poem

The holiday season will soon be here. You’ll be seeing friends and family from far and near.  You may be excited, or completely in fear,  But that’s a topic for another blog post, my dear.  Today our Pierson Pet Hospital team focuses on your pet. The holiday happenings can really make them sweat.  Are you [...]

4 Tips to Make Thanksgiving Safer for Your Pet

Thanksgiving festivities are centered on food, family, and friends. Your pet is part of your family, and you may want to include them in your celebrations. However, you should take precautions to ensure your pet is safe during the holiday feast. Our Pierson Pet Hospital team wants to help by offering tips to help make [...]

5 Steps for a Spooky and Pet-Safe Halloween

Candy, costumes, festive fall decor, and spooky fun—Halloween has everything you could ask for in a holiday. Whether you are out trick-or-treating with the little ones, or doling out tasty treats at the door, your pet may be subject to hidden dangers. The crowds, visitors, and a constantly ringing doorbell can cause your pet distress. [...]

Why Manners Matter: 5 Tips for Proper Puppy Socialization

Welcoming a new bundle of fur into your pack is an exciting time. Few things are cuter than new puppy snuggles and tail wags, but caring for your new family member requires ample time, patience, frequent walks, and multiple veterinary visits during the first year of their life. Similar to young children, puppies will be [...]

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