The holiday season will soon be here.

You’ll be seeing friends and family from far and near. 

You may be excited, or completely in fear, 

But that’s a topic for another blog post, my dear. 

Today our Pierson Pet Hospital team focuses on your pet.

The holiday happenings can really make them sweat. 

Are you looking for ways to keep your pet safe and sound? 

You’re in the right place. Come gather ‘round.


#1: Keep your pet calm amidst the frenzy

On a wintry night in a house close to you,

A nervous pup waited for the chaos to ensue. 

All day his humans had been rushing about.

Something was happening—he had no doubt.


As the clock struck six, they heard a knock at the door.

The pup ran to the window to see what was in store.

Crowds of people were coming his way.

This frightened him, and he wasn’t OK.

Who were these strangers, and why were they here?

The pup started to wish he could just disappear. 


The people came in, and the house became loud.

The pup felt unsafe around such a big crowd.

His legs became wobbly, and he started to shake.

Clearly the poor pup needed a break.


A tiny human walked toward him, with a devilish grin.

And without any warning, began scratching his chin.

Why was this strange creature hugging him so tight?

All he wanted was to break free and take flight.


Some pets enjoy parties, and others do not.

Before hosting a gathering, give this a thought.

Don’t force your pet to partake in the fun.

Let them choose where to be until the party is done. 


Set up a room in a quiet place.

And let your pet socialize at their own pace.

Holiday parties can be stressful for your pet.

Plan for their comfort, and they’ll be all set.


#2: Keep food out of your pet’s reach

From the kitchen downstairs came a wonderful smell.

Baking day, thought the pup—by the smell he could tell. 

He ran down the stairs taking two at a time.

He started to drool—the aroma was sublime.


In the kitchen, the humans were hard at work. 

For this hungry pup, distraction was a perk. 

The humans were so busy, they didn’t notice him there.

The pup spotted the pie, and stopped to stare.


The pie sat on the counter that wasn’t very tall.

The pup looked up longingly, hoping something would fall.

Nothing fell down—it was time to act.

The pup grabbed the pie without one ounce of tact.

Ravenously, he devoured nearly half of the pie.

From across the kitchen, there came a great cry.

“The pie!” the humans yelled, as they stared at the floor.

The pup knew they were upset but wasn’t sure what for.


A pup who steals food means no ill will.

But the food meant for people can make your pet ill.

The lesson? Keep your pet away from human food.

Your guests prefer treats that have yet to be chewed. 

Learn about toxic foods your pet must not eat

To avoid an ER visit and a hefty receipt. 

#3: Decorate with your pet’s safety in mind

As you deck the halls for the holiday season,

Consider your pet’s safety, and here is the reason:

Many decorations you put out every year

Pique your pet’s interest when they appear.


Pets often explore their world with their mouth.

And a decoration taste test can quickly go south.

Those ball-shaped ornaments that hang on your tree

Resemble a pet toy—you must agree.

An ingested ornament can cause harm to your pet,

And lead to a trip to the emergency vet.


To be safe, hang ornaments—and tinsel— up high,

So your pet cannot reach them—although they may try.


And remember to secure your tree well,

For it can injure your pet if ever it fell. 

Water in the tree stand can make your pet sick,

So keep your pet from taking a lick. 


Our Pierson Pet Hospital team loves the holidays, we do.

Enjoy every moment, and keep your pet safe, too. 

With a plan in place, you have no need to fret,

But if your pet needs assistance, simply call up your vet.

To ensure your pet is healthy for the brand-new year,

Schedule their wellness exam by clicking here.